About Me


When I was 3 years old I already knew ithat I wanted to support people in healing and to be a missionair to bring back the connection to the true Divine on earth. Big wishes for a little girl but yes I kept doing the studies .

It cought my interest that plants and natural remedies influence you in such a way that they can benefit you.

Since 2000, I have followed extensive studies in Naturopathy, floweressendces, psychosomatics, psycho-social and spiritual guidance and Homeopathy.

During my studies, I have specifically studied high sensitivity and mediumship, how to deal with the astral realms and hyperdimensional interferences and which natural therapies and medicines can be a good support.

Since 2004 I have done an in-depth study of mediumship, shamanism, religion, spirituality and Divine music.

The study of plant medicines and their effects is a true journey through human, but also a wide range of levels of consciousness.

In 2006 I started studying the over 200 flower remedies that I now work with.

After a long study of mediumship, I completed the Aura Clearing, Karma clearing, seals and implant clearing and Golden DNA activation training. This has shaped my years of work into a clear structure that allows me to help other people remotely.

I live with my beloved Per Klinkert and we work together in our mission to assist people on their path of healing, healing and spiritual awakening.

Together we guide workshops for spiritual awareness and awakening. We can guide groups through healing, shamanic journeying, connecting with the breath, the body, the earth and music