When is an Aura Clearing needed?

As humans we strive to embody a state of fulfillment and to be fulfilled literally means that your energy field is full of light and doesn’t have any openings that could cause energy loss.

Auric attachments prevent us from being fulfilled by impeding our life force energy from flowing harmoniously through our field of awareness and instead being lost through auric attachments like portals. The energetic blockages created by an auric attachment will also cause a state of dis-ease when our life force becomes stuck or is pushing against the stagnated etheric mass created by the auric attachments itself.

Auric attachments are seen by clairvoyants as holes or dark areas within the auric field.

1) Being Frequently Irritated, Angry or Feeling Down

The majority of people on the planet are oblivious about the existence of discarnates. Discarnates are beings who have died but haven’t been able to go through the plane of bliss and go through a life review. The reason discarnates haven’t crossed the tunnel of light is because they are still very earth bound.

They usually have karmic ties to people who are still living and they also have attachments (more like addictions) to emotions or experiences they had while living on Earth. For example, some discarnates were not able to let go of deep seated anger or guilt. Others might still be attached to experiences like alcohol, drugs, smoking or even food.

The problem for discarnate is that they don’t have a body, so in order to get their fix they must attach themselves to people who have a body. This is how they get their energy, mainly through syphoning other peoples emotions. And because they want more of that energy they will project their low frequency thought-forms onto the person’s field of awareness in order to provoke a reaction and keep them having these discordant emotions.

Discarnates are one of the lowest frequency auric attachments people have.

2) Feeling drained, lazy and unmotivated to take inspired action

The main reason people feel low on energy is because their Life Force Energy is being leaked through portals in their auric field.

Portals are openings in one or more chakras that act as “vacuums” for other peoples’ adverse thought-forms. We find them on people who wish to heal the pain and suffering of others (consciously or unconsciously) by taking upon themselves other peoples’ burdens – their undesirable thought-forms generated by discordant emotions.

Have you ever felt drained after talking to someone, being in their presence or simply by thinking about them? This is a sign that you have open portals and other auric attachments in your auric field. This is a huge problem for energy healers, massage therapists, coaches and therapists because they are constantly taking on their client’s discordant energies.

Portals have the potential to cause health problems, depression, and energy loss.

3) Lack of focus and getting easily distracted

During intense traumatic events people can unconsciously create quantum potentials in their soul that become highly charged with the emotions and thought-forms they had while experiencing that traumatic, stressful or painful event.

This is how people develop personalities of fear, doubt, scarcity, victimization, etc. Take for example someone who has a thought-form that says “I don’t have enough money.” Because this thought-form has been emotionally energized so much and the person has identified with this belief, the thought-form begins have a life of its own and can even behave like a separate entity.

Auric attachments that behave like entities and take over a person’s consciousness are called occupants. When occupants get activated a person will run the emotional and mental script of that occupant, causing her/him to react unconsciously and project the past unresolved issue onto the present moment.

The occupant then magnetizes the person to people, places, times, things and events that resonate with the frequency of the thought-form “I don’t have enough money.” And because this thought-form is constantly running in the subconscious mind it prevents the person from focusing, getting things done and being present.

Other common thought-forms are “I’m not good enough.”, “There is something wrong with me.”, “I’m not worthy of love.” and “I can’t do this.”

4) Worrying all the time

Auric attachments are found on the 7 embodied chakras. Depending on the frequency of the auric attachment it will resonate with a specific chakra.

Fear and worry issues are often linked to our root chakra at the base of our spine. If you have heavily energized thought-forms of fear these auric attachments will get activated throughout the day, unleash their emotional charge and cause you to get into a state of fight and flight, fear and/or worry.

Most people have had countless of traumatic events where they felt immense fear. During those events they created highly energized soul fragments and identities filled with unresolved emotions and though-forms of fear.

Fear attracts discarnates and discarnates are what keep people in the state of panic attacks. I have seen people completely be panic attack free after one auric clearing session despite having panic attacks for years.

5) Self-doubt and inner conflict

When people have multiple thought-forms, each with their own personality, this can cause inner conflict.

Have you ever feel inspired or deeply motivated to achieve a goal or follow your dreams? Then the next second feelings of fear, doubt and/or limitation begin to flood your awareness. After that stream of thoughts you are likely to feel insecure in your abilities and you find yourself paralyzed with indecision.

Auric attachments like occupants and discarnates are why people can’t listen to the voice of their Higher Self and don’t follow their intuition. The voices from all the thought-forms cause overwhelm and are often conflicting with the voice of the Higher Self.

6) Relationship drama

Have you ever been in an argument with someone and they said something really mean or nasty and after a while they came back and told you “I’m sorry, I don’t know why I said that. That wasn’t me.” Maybe you have done this yourself.

Well, guess what? It wasn’t them, it was a discarnate taking advantage of the emotions that are begin triggered (by the occupants getting activated) and then projecting their thought-forms (which the person experiences as their own). Discarnates do this to keep people in drama so that they can feed of their anger, frustration, guilt, shame, etc.

When you clear auric attachments like occupants and discarnates you will find yourself having less and less re-actions. You will start to feel differently and even interpret things from a higher perspective. Things that would trigger you no longer do so. This alone will transform a relationship.

7) Not following through and applying wisdom

Auric attachments prevent people from incorporating their wisdom. In fact, many people have trouble fully accreting other types of healing sessions and activations (from all sorts of healing modalities) because they haven’t cleared auric attachments.

That is why you’ll see a lot of people going from healer to healer, workshop to workshop and still be unable to fully transcend a particular issue or set of issues. Auric attachments are the highest priority energetic blockages, trying to clear other things without clearing auric attachments will tend to slow down the healing and/or evolutionary process of the person.

8) Poverty consciousness

Usually we can find issues related to abundance on the 2nd chakra, although it can be related to other chakras as well. When you have auric attachments and their corresponding thought-forms that resonate with the frequency of lack, limitation and scarcity this will keep you in a karmic loop of poverty consciousness.

Doesn’t matter how much wealth you are able to manifest, you simply won’t feel abundant due to these auric attachments. It will never feel like enough. And you might end up losing what you have manifested because the frequency of these energetic blockages sabotage your inner and outer abundance.

Auric attachments are the reason why people can’t match how they feel with their visualizations or manifestations of abundance. Clearing auric attachments is a must for those who want to embody the state of inner abundance.

9) Closed heart chakra

The heart chakra can hold issues related to betrayal, rejection, abandonment, heartbreak, hatred, grudges and judgment. All these auric attachments prevent people from opening their heart chakra and tuning in to higher emotions like bliss and unconditional self love.

By removing auric attachments and their corresponding thought-forms from the heart chakra you allow the unresolved emotional energies to unwind and allow you to open up more.

10) Not sensitive to subtle energies

Most people are aware that the 3rd eye is the energy center that allows us to perceive subtle energies. But did you know that your physical body is also great system to sense subtle energies?

Blockages on the 3rd eye charka and the first chakra (connected to our physical body) allow us to perceive and sense subtle energies. A clear 3rd eye chakra will also bring clarity in perception and interpretation of reality.

Clearing occupants in the 3rd eye is an essential step to developing higher intuition and clairvoyance.


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