This healing traject is not for the fainth hearted! If you want to heal you are supposed to take full responsability for what you feel, work with you triggers inside yourself!
This traject is for those who already have some strong enough foundation and are ready to work, take responsability for their own life and choices.
No healing claimes can be charged towards me, you are at all times 100% responsible for your own healing, I can support and guide you with all my care and love.
Sessions can be cancelled as this work can only be done when fully in line, so when I do not get a yes for whatever reason to do the session on that day, this is because it is not suppose to happen that day! Everything has it's Divine timing.

Emotional flexibility and self care is crucial in this proces.

We can book weeks in advance but from experience I know that doing this traject in 6 weeks straight is not always the way it goes!.. sometimes it takes longer and integration between sessions requires more time. This is not a quick fix traject. Patience is needed and rushing the proces is of no use.

I am born to individuate and help others individuate so if you expect me to hold your hand on every step of your way and in this way try to own me in whatever way.., i have to disappoint you: this is not the right place for you!
I guide you to your own inner spark of intuition so I do not make future choices for anyone.

If you have signed up for a full traject and decide to stop somewhere in the middle, I pay back 60% the amound of the money for the sessions that have not been done.
Looking forward to support you in your healing, growth and reconnection to your true/higher self with all your potentials.