Aura Clearing practitioner course


Aura Clearing Practitioner Course

I am absolutely excited to teach and share with you the knowledge and techniques on how to perform an indepth 15 dimensional Aura Clearing on yourself, other people, places and events…

The course is around 6 lessons, depending on how quick the group will get into the feeling of doing the clearings.

The course will dive into the understanding of:
The different dimensions and densities.
The different chakras and aura layers.
The emotional and mental themes in the different chakras or aura layers.
What are the different kinds of aura attachments and interferences.
How to scan and spot interferences.

During the course you will learn how to:
Clear the aura from interferences.
Close the body from others and lower dimensions.
Activate the braincenters
Activate the DNA Template in its current blueprint (This is not the full activation of the Golden God Print DNA)
Do a download from the higher self.

During the course I will do an Aura, Karma and a Seals clearing on the group. Note that the karma clearing and seal clearing theory is not going to be part of the course. In this course I focus only on teaching the aura clearing. Those who want and are interested can continue later to learn how to do a Karma clearing, Alien Implant Clearing and the Golden 12 strand DNA Activation.

Those who want to activate their 12 strand golden angelic DNA also can book seperate private sessions with me.

Price: 777 Euro