What is Karma?

When I ask what people really wish it comes down on these major topics:

Feel Love, Embody your Soul, True Self aka Higher Self, Experience Enlightenment

Enlightenment really doesn’t care how you get there. There are literally thousands of paths that will lead you to enlightenment, albeit some are faster and more fun than others.

The process of enlightenment is basically the ability to accrete more light and become that light.

The light-er you become the more space you can include in your field of consciousness until you become one with every-thing.

On the Path towards enlightenment every hero will need to face that which blocks the light from being accreted. These blocks mainly take the form of karmic imprints which prevent the DNA from progressively being activated.

The top karmic imprints that block the connection to your core essence and ultimately the experience of enlightenment.

3 karmic imprints that you must work on to attain spiritual evolution:


This is the lowest frequency blockage there is. Our self image begins to form between twelve to eighteen months of age, right when we leave the safety of our mother’s arms and become mobile.

When your mother used facially expressed stress-inducing shame transactions as a form of discipline, these looks began to break the bond between you and your mother. Over time your reaction to “No, don’t touch that,” “Do this, not that”, became a pattern, a conditioned reflex.

Shame is internalized and becomes the eye of the self looking inward while the other person, (the one originally inducing the shame) is then not needed. Shame becomes an imprint, a mental image of a misattuned mother face.

Such misattunement between infant-child and parent engenders a rapid brake of arousal and the onset of inhibitory state. Inhibition is a form of depression, in fact the same hormones are involved.

The shame imprint then blocks the child’s natural acceptance of life, and introduces hesitancy and doubt. From that moment on we create an internal voice that says “Stop! You are no good. If you do this, you will be looked at and despised.”

And guess what most people are shameful about? Their sexuality. Through religious and societal indoctrination the masses have been stripped of one of the most powerful, transformative and healing energies there is, tantric energies.

Shame is the polar opposite frequency from enlightenment and your Avatar self. For this reason people who feel shame have trouble connecting to, embodying and experiencing their Higher Self.


Guilt is the 2nd lowest frequency blockage. Guilt is a negative, self-conscious, moral emotion which occurs when a person admits that s/he has done something that transgresses a moral law. Unlike shame, the focus is on inappropriate behavior instead of the self.

Guilt is the greatest obstacle to self-love and joy.

Anyone knows that guilt is a horrible feeling but the consequences of guilt go beyond what most people can imagine. Guilt makes you a magnet to victims because guilt is the number one manipulation strategy used by victims.

Most people carry quite a heavy load of unconscious guilt from past lifetimes. And because guilt feels so horrible, if you are a compassionate person you might get entangled with the Compassionate People Persona. This persona desperately tries to help, fix and rescue others in an attempt to alleviate their unconscious guilt.

The problem with this is that they will attract victims who don’t really want to change and who will take advantage of the other person’s guilt and pity. This is how victims extract energy in vampire like ways.

Another troublesome form of guilt is religious guilt. Many religions thrive on manipulation and control. The reason for this is that if you knew about and experienced the Divine within you then you would not need an organized religion, would you?

For this reason they use guilt in order to lower the person’s frequency and block their Higher Self connection. Guilt tends to accumulate around the heart chakra. The heart chakra is connected to your 4th strand of DNA and corresponds to the first level of awareness from your Higher Self (your Soul Identity and astral mind).

You might be thinking “I’m not religious.” or “I wasn’t raised under any religion.” That might be true for this lifetime but it’s very unlikely that you weren’t under religious influence in one or more of the thousands of lifetimes you have lived.


Young children don’t discriminate between their authentic nature and their behavior. They are their behavior. For the early child, winning approval and dodging disapproval can be a matter of survival.

And survival means fitting into the existing social structure. Self-worth and by implication self-image, is defined by how feel we do this.

“We not only see ourselves as others see us, we become ourselves as others see us.” – Ashely Montagu

The residue from traumatic experiences we had during our childhood take the form of beliefs we have about ourselves; that we can do anything right, or we’re not lovable. Or that we have to take care of everyone.

These beliefs are instilled in us in infancy, before we are able to judge anything. Your analytical mind doesn’t begin to form until the age of 7, so anything that was said to you from the moment you were born until about the age of 7 went straight and unquestioned into your field of consciousness.

You got your feeling of self-worth and everything else from your authority figures. This is what children do.

Ideally we should never do anything to a child that will make him/her feel badly about him/herself. But we do this all the time. We do it with words and we do it with looks.

Many of us continue to carry these feeling of unworthiness throughout our entire lives and even into future lifetimes. And yet unworthiness is completely unnatural to our Original Divine Blueprint.

The Origins of Unworthiness

The origins of unworthiness go way back in human history.

Unworthiness is actually the original neuroses that spawned all the other blockages in humanity. In ancient times when humans were living in alignment with the Original Divine Blueprint for consciousness everyone got to fully experience their inner divinity and connection with the ONE.

However, when intruder races wanted to take control of humanity and the earth they introduced organized religions. One of their first agendas was to strip women of their power.

In order to do this male dominate religions created a set of beliefs and attitudes that diminished women:

– Women don’t have a soul
– Women need a man (an intermediary) to connect to God
– Emotions are a sign of weakness
– Women shouldn’t have a voice, opinion, education or profession

Imagine being told that you don’t have a soul and that you are incapable of connecting to God and experiencing “his” presence, how would that make you feel?

Billions of women fell into unworthiness and passed on these karmic imprints onto their children (male and female).

When you feel unworthy you will project this to many different areas of your life. This is the reason many people feel unworthy of:

– Love
– Abundance
– Happiness
– Blessings
– Help and support
– Being connected to their Higher Self

Usually people will have a great number of layers associated with unworthiness which must be transmuted for the person to FULLY reclaim their inner divinity.

When it comes to imprints like shame, guilt and unworthiness almost everyone has layers and layers of these imprints.

Like an onion with many layers, in order to get to the core you must peel all the layers.

In a similar fashion a person must transmute, process and unwind a great deal of unresolved emotions, traumatic experiences, thought-forms, belief systems, soul fragments and karmic imprints before they can get to the core of the issue and FULLY transcend it.


Tomorrow I’m going to be sharing with you the remaining top priority karmic imprints that block the awareness, experience and embodiment of your Higher Self.

These are:

1) Undeservedness

2) Poverty consciousness

3) Victimization

4) Inherited karmic imprints

In addition to the top karmic imprints I’m also going to be sharing with you how you can learn to transmute and clear hundreds of lifetimes worth of karmic imprints layers within an hour or so.

Mastering your karmic imprint is crucial to:

– Your spiritual progress

– Stopping the re-incarnation cycle

– Experiencing ascension

Yet contrary to what most people believe, you don’t need to WALK all of your karma. Instead you can transmute karma, after all karma and it’s imprints are made up of energy just like everything else.

Walking your karma would take you many lifetimes. In fact most people have forgotten the karma they came here to heal and instead end up creating more karma.

Fortunately anyone can learn how TRANSMUTE karma and avoid having to re-incarnate in order to deal with the same old karmic baggage, but more on this tomorrow.