Holografic Inserts

Alien mind control to make humans indulge in self destructive behaviours that leads to low frequential conciousness energies of loose upon which the hyperdimensionsional alien beings are dependent for their survival, based on Artificial Intelligence machinery with a whole agenda to control and enslave humanity.
Projected Negative ego filters through vision and sound that distort and reverse our true organic holografic reality from God Source, deadly cardinal sin.
False memories programmed in the memories for mind control
Manipulation of the DNA, time and space to bend timelines and manipulation and eradication of our true history.
Ego on which one builds id-entities and personality or image which reverse a part of the true soul identity. Soul can split in multiple parts is unnatural and contradicts the Law of free will and Sovereignty as it does not align with being One and whole.
Created imposter spirits created by dead false light and lack conciousness of their own so invade a human field to exist
Shadow Selves, Supressor Parasite Spirits, Vampires, Demons.
Works on Black goo, Grafene, to get humans AI Online