Shamanic Body Dearmouring

Shamanic de armouring is a technique to release blocked points deep in the body, working on the pain threshold so that energy starts flowing again, trauma is processed and the blueprint can be integrated deeper into the body. With this technique even old ancestral patterns can be released,

I have been working with touch for years where I already did de-armouring, which is the reconnective light language DNA healing and activation.

I have deepened my studies with Shamanic Body De armouring which uses The Tender Touch Technique.

A way of touching and working in the body that focuses on tender, soft and loving touch, to ensure that my clients first and foremost feel safe. Safety is the absolute number one condition for the body to be able to open up, to dare to allow the pain and trauma that is still inside to be touched and removed.

This gentle method makes it possible to work particularly in the deeper layers of the body tissue, simply because there is more relaxation to be able to go inside.

In short, tenderness, softness and loving touch is the core of my way of working, which guarantees and remains safety and optimal results.

During the sessions I work with clearing music and light language

A session is 2 and a half hours and costs 250 euro